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At this time, we are sadly announcing that Vape Solution will be permanently closing and ceasing operations as of close of business, Saturday June 29th 2019, at 7:00pm.

The environment that has been created by the FDA, and frankly, the Vape Industry in general, has forced this decision. With no clear path forward by the FDA to keep our time tested proven juices in compliance due to the testing requirements our small size family company and lack of multi-million dollar backing, there simply is no other decision.

We are fine.. This has been a great opportunity to do what we came to do from day one until now.. We have always promised you that we were only here for one reason... To help you find a path to being a non-tobacco user and hopefully, a non-customer as well! It's been a very rewarding opportunity to help literally thousands of folks down this path.. And, we'd like to think we've made a few friends along the way as well. We will miss many of you..

On the business side of things, we will do everything we can to help this be a painless transition for you. But, it will not be without effort on your part as well. We HIGHLY recommend you now take proactive steps, as we've been suggesting for many months, to get your nicotine level down to a non-addictive amount. ZERO! Do this now! Come in and get juice at lower levels and begin weening yourself off of the chemical addiction and get your vaping to ZERO which will be your final step to stopping this entirely.. As many of you know, we, as the owners, have done so or are doing so now as well.

Unfortunately, the VAST majority of the vape stores, and industry in general, seem to have NO interest in actually helping in this process. The advent of the 'POD TYPE SYSTEMS' which have clearly introduced millions of teens to extremely high levels of nicotine (50mg/10ml or 5%, whichever numbering system you like to use!!), with no path to reduce it, and the 'cool' concept of NICOTINE SALTS and PODS or closed system types of devices, which make it 'easy' to vape very high levels of nicotine without any notice or discomfort, to further enhance the addictive nature and business of vaping.. This is NOT why we introduced the vaping concept to Catawba county back in Feb. 2013! But, this is where it has arrived... Remember, follow the money trail and it will all be very obvious to you.. BIG tobacco has quietly taken it over with the assistance and guidance of the FDA.. as the FDA stated clearly would 'probably' be the result, back in August 2016 with the dropping of 500 pages of deeming regulation on our industry to try and understand and sort out compliance methods.

Hopefully this further explains why we have NEVER offered any of the above mentioned types of vaping concepts to you, our friends and neighbors. And with the now 'rage' of yet another non-FDA approved concept of CBD in forms that mimic an illegal substance being what the vape industry seems to be 'all about' as well, without any scientific verification, and not actually being allowed to tell a customer what it can be used for or not for, or even what a proper dosage or delivery method should be, well, we're not interested in that type of trade. We are perfectly fine passing on these types of concepts..

Our best recommendation to you, as a customer seriously interested in stopping the madness altogether, please come by VERY SOON and discuss your options moving forward. It will entail getting your NIC level down, starting NOW. We will do everything possible to have juice and hardware available for you during the month of JUNE but, we cannot make any promises or assurances. The delivery time we experience from the Lab's that produce our product is not immediate. In some cases, it is already too late to order addition inventory. In other cases, that is not true. We suggest you place any unusual quantity requirements on order with us as a PRE-PAID order on or before June 15th for pick-up between June 22-28th. Any orders that cannot be delivered by the Lab's will be refunded.

This applies to back up hardware as well.. As many of you realize, we were never about trying to sell high dollar, high maintenance vaping devices.. In fact, we refuse to even sell them. The types of devices we always carry in stock, are always the least expensive and lowest hassle to use. We have fairly adequate inventory of these devices right now but, everything now is based on stock on hand, and items that can be delivered by prepaid purchases prior to our last day of operation of available from our distribution channels. We highly recommend you secure your back up devices, coils, and spare tanks ASAP. Availability can be a problem as we enter these final days.

All juice's we sell are protected under non-disclosure agreements with various lab's and they cannot be sold by anyone but us so, we cannot disclose any alternate sources for our flavors or e-liquids. Legally, it's not possible due to FDA compliance and registration matters. They are ALL registered by us, to us, and that is that.. By the way, as of today, we still see no one else in our area selling 'private labeled' juice that is fully registered and in compliance with all FDA requirements, except us.. If you are buying 'house' juice somewhere, you may want to do some verification as to the safety and compliance matters that vendor is following for your own benefit.

We are not announcing any special discounts at this time. Any discount announcements will be made on Facebook.

In closing, we are very disappointed to be forced to make this announcement. But, we will also do what we can to help you with your path as well. Come see us very soon and we'll be glad to share your options with you. Our best suggestion though, is come talk to us about about the path to stopping altogether..

Your family and friends at Vape Solution will miss seeing you....

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